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Social Science Disciplines


Among the social sciences there is a diverse group of different scientific disciplines, e.g. pedagogic/education sciences, psychology, political science, sociology and social education.

Study programs related to social sciences are offered by universities, technical universities, some universities of applied sciences and are generally completed with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or, in some cases, a Diplom or even still a Magister’s degree.

Students of the social sciences should have a great interest in people and their social, economic, individual living condition. It is necessary to have an analytical rationalness and, depending on the subject and study focus, either researching distanced manner or on the contrary to enjoy practical, educational-instructing functions. General education, the ability to establish contact, empathy and the ability to work with people are essential.

For social scientists there are no clear occupational areas, unlike scientists and law scientists. Hence, students should consider, how to structure their study close to a later workfield. Therefor it can be useful to choose non-social scientific subjects at different places (temporariliy abroad) or do internships during the study. Advanced training beyond university or a thesis that is close to a proper workplacek can facilitate the transition to a certain occupational area. Knowledge of English and/or other foreign languages is indispensable.

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